The Grove Theater

The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge holds a rich history of memories for many in the East Tennessee area. Constructed during the Manhattan Project & recently rennovated, the theater is home to numerous Arts & Sciences organizations. It is currently owned and operated by High Places Community Church.


 Under no circumstances will any user group or its attendees engage in under-age drinking. The legal drinking age is 21 and all events involving alcohol will have in place a method of identify minors.

If User serves alcohol, liquor liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) is required, in addition to the general liability insurance. User must provide proof of insurance by providing to High Places a Certificate of Insurance from the User’s insurance company.  User shall not occupy facilities until required proof of insurance has been provided to High Places and all documents should be present onsite the day of the scheduled event(s).

In addition, public events (any open seating or ticketed event) that will serve alcohol will require that the organizer obtain a special event alcohol permit from the City of Oak Ridge Beer Permit Board. Per City ordinance, applications must be submitted to the city’s Legal Department for processing no less than 15 days prior to the Beer Board Meeting Date which are usually held the first Wednesday of each month. Event organizers must provide both a copy of the application and documentation of the approved permit to High Places no later than one week prior to the event.

Copies of the special event permit can be found:

Applicants are solely responsible for complying with all city ordinances and state laws regarding serving alcohol including, but not limited to, those set forth in the Required Control Measures for Special Occasion Beer Permit. You can read current policy at under Title 8. Further questions regarding the permitting process should be directed to the City’s Legal Department at 425-3530.

High Places Community Church has acquired a beer permit and in certain circumstances it may be used to cover events that fall within the scope of our mission and work. These include fundraisers for non-profits and other events in which High Places may directly participate. Any partnership or sharing of the High Places beer permit must be secured by meeting with High Places staff. Otherwise, all groups serving alcohol at an open-seating event must secure the proper permits from the city.

Finally, it is strongly suggested, and in some instances, it will be required, that certain events involving alcohol employ private security. ORPD officers are often used as security for events of this nature. You can request an officer and inquire about fees by contacting ORPD at 865.425.4399