The Grove Theater

The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge holds a rich history of memories for many in the East Tennessee area. Constructed during the Manhattan Project & recently rennovated, the theater is home to numerous Arts & Sciences organizations. It is currently owned and operated by High Places Community Church.


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Promoting community…

Rescued from decay in 2004, the Grove Theater renovation project has unfolded in phases, culminating with the restoration of the original hard wood stage in 2008. For the last decade, the theater has hosted hundreds of concerts, recitals, fund-raisers, and shows. 

To date, the theater has recorded over a quarter of a million visits as attendees have enjoyed these rehearsals and performances from both near and far. The venue is highly sought after by creatives from around the country and beyond bringing richness and variety to Oak Ridge and the surrounding counties. 

Our mission is very simple: we want to bring people together.