The Grove Theater

The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge holds a rich history of memories for many in the East Tennessee area. Constructed during the Manhattan Project & recently rennovated, the theater is home to numerous Arts & Sciences organizations. It is currently owned and operated by High Places Community Church.

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Since renovating the large auditorium in 2008, the Grove Theater has hosted 100's of performances, fundraisers, and special events. To date, the theater has received over 200,000 attendees for these events and raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities, veterans, and for individuals facing serious illnesses. We have also served as the "base of operations" for numerous Arts groups, served as a launch pad for several local organizations, hosted parent athletic meetings, city information forums, and have been the meeting place for lectures on science and education. 

Donations to the Grove Theater are always welcomed and needed. Improvements to everything from our building's exterior, to energy efficient LED stage lights, to new energy saving heat and cooling units are just a few of the areas we are focusing on updating right now. These improvements will keep the theater free and functional to all for decades to come. 

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Click support and at the drop-down menu, select "Friends of the Grove Theater." All proceeds are tax-deductible and everything received will be applied directly to the theater and the improvements that will shape the future of this historic venue. 

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If you or your organization would like to get in on the great things happening around the Grove Theater, you may also designate a gift through the mail to apply toward the match. Our address is PO BOX 4475, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.  Mark your gift "designated" for the Grove Theater.

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