The Grove Theater

The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge holds a rich history of memories for many in the East Tennessee area. Constructed during the Manhattan Project & recently rennovated, the theater is home to numerous Arts & Sciences organizations. It is currently owned and operated by High Places Community Church.

Making a difference for oak ridge and beyond!

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January impact highlights!

  • Over 600 participants enjoyed events in January! 
  • 11 unique groups, representing 22 creative teams combined for 17 events this month.
  • $1600 raised for charity in January
  • Charities benefited included Canine Companions and United Way of Anderson County. The United Way fundraiser was incredible -- featuring 10 bands!
  • The theater also provided shelter for a homeless couple during the brutally cold January month.
  • The Grove Theater received $300 in community donations to help cover utilities and consumables. 


  • Over 1,400 participants enjoyed events in February!
  • 12 unique groups representing our community combined for 23 events this month.
  • Performers from around the globe visited the 10th Annual Tune Junkie Irish Music Weekend. 
  • Heavy Metal made a showing in Oak Ridge with over six different metal bands from the Knoxville scene and beyond.
  • Approximately $9,000 in contributions came to the Grove through both church and community sources in order to repair a sprinkler pipe and roof failure damaged in the cold. Outstanding work done by Marvin Hatcher on the repair, opening the way for more recovered historic space. 


  • Over 1,200 participants enjoyed events in March!
  • 19 unique groups representing our community combined for 26 events this month.
  • Welcome Kortney Ross and Forte Forest music education classes to the Grove! Visit their FB page for more information on this exciting new opportunity for kids & new community partner at the Grove:
  • Pageants, pageants, everywhere. March was the month for pageants as we hosted numerous spring beauty pageants this month... lost of spring bling!
  • Approximately $4,400 in contributions came to the Grove through the for matching capital campaign funds. Our quarterly match should arrive in April. Hooray and thank you everyone for chipping in!



  • Over 1,650 participants enjoyed events in April! This place was popping!
  • 12 unique groups representing our community combined for 24 events this month.
  • Comedy shows were a highlight of April! Thank you Danny Whitson for working so hard to get comedy in Oak Ridge! Please visit their FB page to learn more:
  • Our bi-annual Irish-Themed Quiz night was held on April 21st and it was a biggest and best ever. $4,400 was raised for Emory Valley Center and Friends of the Grove Theater! Thank you all who came out in support!
  • Our first quarterly match from the capital campaign arrived, bringing approximately $15,000 in matched money to Friends of the Grove. Look for big improvements to heat and air, carpet, exterior painting and more, coming soon!!
                                    BYU Idaho Dance Ensemble!

                                    BYU Idaho Dance Ensemble!


  • Wow!! May, June, and July were hopping -- it's been hard to find a moment to catch up!
  • The venue was booked 66 times in 90 days by a wide variety of groups. Two-thirds of the summer's available dates were filled with creative dance, music, heavy metal, comedy and more! 
  • Over 6,000 visits were recorded at the Grove to enjoy an event or a summer camp during the months of May, June, and July!
  • The Grove hosted three unique summer camps -- Sound Company (children's choral), Creative Dance of Tennessee (dance camp), and Camp Granada (a singing camp for elementary and pre-school aged children.
  • BYU Idaho Dance ensemble brought more than 400 people out to enjoy a single show!! Way to go!
  • Likewise, Keechfest, featuring 10 heavy metal bands brought huge audiences from around the region, easily topping 300-400 people for the night. 
  • We were happy to host the Bahai faith community some this summer!
  • Women's faith united gathered approximately 200 individuals for a presentation from Southern Poverty Law Center on racial justice. 
  • We served as the primary rain-out venue for the Secret City festival music events, which thankfully wasn't needed. What a gorgeous week!
  • Numerous other events, including the Spring recitals for many area creative teams and organizations, pageants, comedy shows, and more!
  • We raised around $3,000 over the summer -- needed a little more to make our goals, but we are inching along!
  • HUGE changes coming this fall! Stay tuned for more!!!!